Numero Uno

First. The Beginning. One. Unity. Primal… These words come to mind as I jump into the blogosphere with this post.

I hope to use this blog space to share what I come across, muse upon, wish to share… about what is soulful… words, thoughts, people, places, actions, and things that tend to Psyche (or Soul). James Hillman has written about psyche as being a verb rather than a noun…  psyche as the function of soul making, becoming… a function more than a thing, operating somewhere between the mind and the body… not really definable nor easy to pin down, yet essential. That which is animating, and livens us up, makes more space within…

Carl Jung said that we don’t have a psyche; Psyche has us. In his Nietzsche’s Zarathustra, he writes “For our only reality is psyche, there is no other reality.” (vol. 2, p. 986). “Between the unknown essences of spirit and matter stands the reality of the psychic – psychic reality, the only reality we can experience immediately.” (The Structure and Dynamics of the Psyche, CW 8, par. 748.)

Paul Levy has a nice article, “The World is Psyche” on his website Awaken in the Dream, that expands (expounds?) more on this:

Onward through the fog…